MTU RedTeam Students Finish CTF in 5th Place with 96.7% Accuracy

MTU Red Team

Three MTU RedTeam members (Trevor Hornsby, Josh Stiebel, Ryan Klemm, Shane Hoppe) placed 5th of 119 teams in the CyberSEED capture-the-flag competition on March 26, 2022. The team, CyberSNEED, finished the event with 840 points, 94.6% completion, and 96.7% accuracy, which was the highest accuracy percentage in the top 83 teams. The team was awarded a $1,000 prize. View the leaderboard here. Read the CyberSEED announcement here.

“This was a fairly difficult collegiate CTF and I am very proud of the team’s performance,” says Professor Yu Cai, Applied Computing.

The Jeopardy-style CTF was sponsored by CyberSkyline and hosted by the Connecticut Cybersecurity Center at the University of Connecticut.

The MTU RedTeam promotes a security-driven mindset among the student population and provides a community and resource for those wishing to learn more about information security. Find the group’s Discord page here. The RedTeam is advised by MTU faculty members Yu Cai (AC/ICC-CyberS) and Bo Chen (CS/ICC-BDH, CyberS, CompEd).