Michigan Tech Is No. 8 In Fall National Cyber League Play

MTU RedTeam at GrrCON 2022

MTU RedTeam students and Associate Professor Bo Chen, Department of Computer Science, were commended for their prestigious efforts during the National Cyber League (NCL) fall 2022 competition season in a recent letter from the NCL to Dennis Livesay, Dave House Dean of Computing.

Students on the MTU RedTeam, coached by Chen and Professor Yu Cai, Department of Applied Computing, participated in several individual and team-based NCL events in fall 2022.

At the end of the season, Michigan Tech placed No. 8 nationally in the Fall 2022 Cyber Power Rankings. Over 7,500 students from 470 colleges and universities participated in the NCL fall 2022 season. View the fall 2022 Cyber Power Rankings here.

Bo Chen is a member of the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems’ (ICC) Centers for Cybersecurity (CyberS), Computing Education (CompEd), and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Yu Cai is the director of the ICC’s Center for Computing Education and a member of the Center for Cybersecurity.

The NCL, powered by Cyber Skyline, is a cybersecurity skills competition that contains real-world cybersecurity tasks that professionals perform on a daily basis. Students who participate in the NCL reinforce their learning and develop the necessary skills for the workforce. Students also earn a skills report that recognizes their abilities and can be shown to an employer to demonstrate the student’s readiness for the job, further bridging the gap from curriculum to careers.

“Their collaborative effort and dedication to the NCL competition are worthy of praise and recognition,” writes NCL commissioner David Zelchick in the letter. “It is with our highest recommendation that students from Michigan Technological University be recognized for their admirable achievement that showcased individual skills, collaborative performance, and desire to grow and learn as cybersecurity professionals.

“We would also recommend the recognition of Professor Bo Chen for their dedication, support, and encouragement that has enabled the success of the students from Michigan Technological University. We appreciate your time and consideration to acknowledge these well-deserving students and faculty in their incredible efforts for the NCL Fall 2022 Season.”