GSG Know Your Rep: Sarah Larkin and Shubham Ayachit

From Graduate Student Government

As the semester is coming to an end, we hope you’re relaxing a little and getting ready for the last three weeks of the semester and finals week. (You got this, Huskies!) Today we introduce you to the representatives of the Computer Science department, which includes the graduate degrees in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Data Science.

First, meet Sarah Larkin, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Her research is in computer science education and accessibility, and finding ways to translate Java from a given language (e.g., Spanish) to English dynamically so that people can program in their own language of choice.

As a GSG representative, Sarah is passionate about healthcare access for graduate students, and making sure that there is adequate housing for graduate students. Her hobbies include going for long walks, curling up with a novel, playing piano, and knitting. Feel free to reach out to Sarah at

Second, we have Shubham Ayachit, an M.S. student, also from the Computer Science department. As a GSG representative, Subham is interested in housing and transportation issues. His hobbies include programming, swimming, hiking, and traveling. Feel free to reach Shubham at 

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