Computing[MTU] Enrollment Continues to Grow Substantially

Students talk with Dean Dennis Livesay in Rekhi Hall

The Michigan Tech College of Computing is pleased to share that student enrollment in both the University and the College has grown substantially this fall compared with fall 2022. University-wide enrollment is up 3.5%, while enrollment in computing programs has increased by 15.7%, accounting for 63% of the University’s growth. Computing programs include all majors within the College of Computing, plus the interdisciplinary BS and MS programs in Mechatronics.

Computing graduate student enrollment increased 48%, with 272 new students. Leading this enrollment growth are the master of science programs in Data Science and Health Informatics. There are now 76 students in the Data Science program, corresponding to 95% growth over last year. This year’s enrollment in the Health Informatics program is 68, an 89% increase.

Notable growth at the undergraduate level occurred in one of the College of Computing’s earliest programs, the BS in Computer Science (+28), and one of our newest programs, the BS in Mechatronics (+23), which corresponds to a 68% increase. Highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of computing, the Mechatronics BS and MS programs are jointly supported by the Department of Applied Computing in the College of Computing, and the Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology (MMET) within the College of Engineering (CoE).

The total number of students enrolled this fall in all computing programs is 1,158, with 272 graduate students and 879 undergraduate students. Significant growth occurred in both College of Computing departments, with the Department of Applied Computing growing 28% and the Department of Computer Science growing 15%. Enrollments for all computing programs are listed in the table below.

“I am thrilled that the College of Computing’s upward trajectory continues,” says Dennis Livesay, Dave House Dean of Computing. “Each year for more than a decade enrollment in our computing programs has steadily increased, and the pace of those increases has accelerated since we formed the College of Computing in 2019. It is the hard work of everyone in the college, along with our colleagues in admissions, marketing, and the registrar’s office, that helped make this growth possible.”

Fall 2023 University-wide enrollment totals 7,320 students, an increase of 247 students (3.5%), the highest enrollment count at Michigan Tech since 1983. Total female student enrollment increased to 2,206 students, with 90 new female students this fall (4.2% increase). Female enrollment now represents over 30% of all students, the highest female representation in Michigan Tech’s almost 140-year history.

The University’s fall 2023 incoming undergraduate enrollment increased to 1,636 students this fall, adding 105 new students, 6.7% higher than fall 2022. The new freshman class is the most academically proficient in recorded University history as measured by high school GPA (3.83 vs. 3.82 last year); 30% of the new freshman class are female (20 students), 5% more than last year’s incoming class. Further, 13% (175) of the University’s domestic freshmen are underrepresented minority students, an all-time high and a 32-student increase over last year.