MTU Students Quoted in WLUC-TV Article About Study Away Fair

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MTU students Will Sisson (software engineering), Kirsten Meyers (mechanical engineering), Veronica Frystak (marketing) were quoted by WLUC TV6 in a story about Michigan Tech’s Study Away Fair last Thursday (Sept. 14).

MTU holds Study Away Fair, students share plans for studying abroad

By Colin Jackson, September 14, 2023

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HOUGHTON Mich. (WLUC) – Michigan Tech University held a Study Away Fair on campus Thursday morning.

Interested students could learn about upcoming programs, ranging from a community transformations study in Wales to tropical island biology in the Bahamas.

William Sisson, a senior studying to be a software engineer, said he is looking to study abroad in either Japan or South Korea before graduation.

“That’s something I have to flip a coin [for[ at this point between the academics,” Sisson said. “South Korea would fit better with my graduation schedule, but Japan is always where I thought I would always study abroad.”

Students learned how certain programs could not only expand their experiences but also benefit their career goals. Freshman Kirsten Meyers, for example, aims to become a mechanical engineer and join the Air Force as a pilot. After living in Germany for part of her father’s military career, Meyers plans to return there through study abroad.

“I want to keep up my German skills as, when I was back in Germany, I went to a German school, and so I’m fluent in the language,” Meyers said. “Keeping up my foreign relations over in Germany is always good as an engineer, and I just love the culture over there.”

Veronica Frystak, a marketing major, is another freshman who thinks studying in Germany could be a step toward her future career.

“You can get credits for the supply chain management course,” Frystak said. “Which is required for business students to take, which, first of all, is really, really exciting for me because, for me, I’m more of a project-based learner. I’m more hands-on.”

Students who are interested in studying abroad can contact the university’s Study Away and Abroad advisor.

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