PhD Student Scott Pomerville to Present Dissertation Proposal Oct. 6

Scott Pomerville

PhD student Scott Pomerville, Computer Science, will present his dissertation proposal on Friday, October 6, 2023, from 2-3 pm in Fisher 101 and via Zoom. The title of his proposal is, “SCALE: Statically Controlled Asynchronous Lane Execution.”

Pomerville is advised by Professor Soner Onder, Computer Science.

Join the Zoom meeting here.

Proposal Title

SCALE: Statically Controlled Asynchronous Lane Execution

Proposal Abstract

Modern superscalar processors dominate the field of computing. While dynamic execution allows for versatility in code, these processors are complex. Static code has historically allowed for simpler processors, but cannot handle scheduling around events unknown at compile time. This work proposes a novel architectural approach for statically scheduled code by breaking the statically scheduled code into several synchronous instruction streams. We propose processors that can use this new set of instruction streams to address common weaknesses in static scheduling. We believe that these processors can garner similar performance to modern superscalar processors with greatly simplified implementation complexity.