MTU RedTeam Attends 1st Annual SecretCON Conference

MTU RedTeam logo
(Left to right) Bottom Row: Dev Sanghani, Giovanni Bommarito, Audrey LaCost, Isabella Gatti, Gina Adragna
Top Row: Ryan Klemm, Noah Holland, Josh Stiebel, Ryan Jaklic, Devon Midkiff, Mason Staedt
(Left to right) Dev Sanghani, Ryan Klemm, Josh Stiebel, Noah Holland
Ryan Jaklic
Ryan Jaklic

The MTU RedTeam had a very fun and successful experience at the first annual SecretCON, the Minnesota Hacker, Cybersecurity, & Privacy Conference. The conference took place November 2-3, 2023, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The students were able to network and meet nearly every attendee and vendor there. They also connected with many cybersecurity experts, learning and practicing new skills.

Each hour during the conference an industry professional presented a talk, which the students attended. There were also a variety of villages that offered opportunities to learn and practice skills in lockpicking, vintage hardware, python scripting, and bluetooth/wifi sniffing.

The conference organizer challenged four RedTeam members–Gina Adragna, Ryan Jaklic, Devon Midkiff, and Giovanni Bommarito–to attempt to collect 80% of conference attendees’ badges by the closing ceremony on the last day. Through their own badges and the allowed hacking methods, the RedTeam was successful in the challenge and earned one of the conference’s first black badges.

The RedTeam members were also among the attendees who fully completed the secret capture the flag (CTF) competition.