Department of Computer Science Announces New MS in Applied Computer Science

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Advances in data collection, analysis techniques, and computational power mean that computers are now being used to solve problems in virtually every aspect of industry and society. To do so, however, practitioners need knowledge in both computer science and the application domain. To prepare these practitioners, the Department of Computer Science has recently created a new Master of Science in Applied Computer Science (MSACS).

Master of Science in Applied Computer Science (MSACS) students are trained to apply theoretical knowledge within the context of real-world problems. The program is primarily designed for students who are completing a B.S. degree in a field outside of computer science and who wish to add computing credentials to their B.S. degree.

The M.S. in Applied Computer Science requires 30 hours of coursework, which can be completed on campus in three to four semesters. Requirements include completion of 12-18 credit hours in Computer Science, 9-12 hours in the chosen application area, and completion of a culminating project (3-6 credits) in the application area.

Students can be admitted to the new graduate program from any Michigan Tech bachelor’s degree program; basic CS knowledge is expected. View the admissions requirements here.

Questions? Please contact program director Jean Mayo at