Computer Science Colloquium Lecture: Shiva Rallapalli ’05

Shiva Rallapalli ’05 BS in Computer Science

Shiva Rallapalli ’05 B.S. in Computer Science, will present a Department of Computer Science Colloquium lecture on Friday, March 22, 2024, from 3-4 p.m. in Rekhi 214 and via Zoom online meeting. The title of Rallapalli’s talk is, “The future of Computer Science is in finding synergies with allied disciplines to unlock societal value.”

Shiva Rallapalli is the co-founder and global COO of VerityXR, a pioneering medical device company specializing in digital therapeutics for pain management and physical rehabilitation.

This talk is part of the Department of Computer Science alumni lecture series, “Our Golden Years: Behind Us, Or Still Ahead?”

Talk Abstract

In recent years, the direct and isolated application of computer science and software development has become increasingly commonplace. However, this trend risks relegating these fields to mere commodities—tools that are widely available but lack transformative impact. To truly harness the power of computer science, we must recognize that its true potential lies in synergy with other disciplines.

  1. The Commodity Trap:
  • Computer Science as a Commodity: The proliferation of coding boot camps, online tutorials, and readily available software libraries has democratized access to programming skills. As a result, basic software development has become a commodity.
  • Diminished Impact: When computer science is treated as a standalone discipline, its impact is limited to incremental improvements or routine tasks.
  1. The Interdisciplinary Renaissance:
  • Unlocking True Value: The intersection of computer science with other sciences—such as neuroscience, surgical science, and medical science —opens up new vistas of innovation.
  • Holistic Problem Solving: By collaborating across disciplines, researchers and practitioners can address complex, real-world challenges. This is what we do at Verity XR, a company that I have founded.
  • Pain Management and Physical Rehabilitation: Combining computer science with neuroscience and physical rehabilitation science enables breakthroughs in pain management and physical/neurorehabilitation.
  • Surgical Simulation and Training: Integrating computer science with medical/surgical science and educational science transforms the way surgeons develop their skills.
  1. The Call to Action:
  • Embrace Interdisciplinarity: Researchers, educators, and practitioners must actively seek cross-disciplinary collaborations.
  • Curriculum Evolution: Educational institutions should integrate computer science with other fields to prepare students for impactful careers.

In conclusion, the future of computer science lies not in isolation but in its harmonious integration with allied disciplines. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, we can unlock solutions that transcend commodity status and truly benefit society.

Alumni Bio

Shiva Rallapalli, Co-Founder & Global COO, VerityXR

Shiva Rallapalli is the Co-Founder and Global COO of VerityXR, a pioneering medical device company specializing in digital therapeutics for pain management and physical rehabilitation. With over two decades of experience as a healthcare technology executive, Shiva is focused on the convergence of technology and healthcare, contributing to the evolution of digital therapeutics, medical devices, and healthcare innovation.

In his previous role as Segment CIO & Vice President of Healthcare Technology at Humana Inc., Shiva played a pivotal role in making healthcare more affordable and accessible to millions. His expertise lies in leveraging technology to facilitate the scalable delivery of healthcare services, particularly in the realms of Digital Healthcare and Healthcare Data & Analytics.

Shiva holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Beyond the professional sphere, Shiva is an avid mountaineer who has summited three of the seven summits, showcasing his spirit of adventure and resilience. This commitment to overcoming challenges extends beyond the boardroom, reflecting Shiva’s holistic approach to life. His journey embodies a blend of professional achievements, academic excellence, and a passion for exploration.

Committed to pushing boundaries, Shiva Rallapalli is dedicated to revolutionizing the dynamic landscape of healthcare and technology to improve the lives and wellbeing of people.