Computer Science Colloquium Lecture: Bill Stark ’90

Department of Computer Science identifier

Bill Starke ’90 BS in Computer Science, will present a Department of Computer Science Colloquium lecture on Friday, April 12, 2024, from 3-4 pm in Rekhi 214 and via Zoom online meeting. A social hour will follow in Rekhi 218. Snacks and beverages will be served.

Starke’s talk is titled, “The Best of Times for Hardware: Before, During, or After the Moore’s Law Era.”

This talk is part of the Department of Computer Science alumni lecture series, “Our Golden Years: Behind Us, Or Still Ahead?”

Join the Zoom meeting here.

Talk Abstract

In this talk, Bill will reflect on the early years of computer hardware, share his experiences with Power processors and the competitive landscape during the “clock speed” and “multi-core” eras, and give his perspectives on the post-Moore’s Law future.

Speaker Bio

William Starke is the IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Power processors. He leads the world-wide development team in the creation of content, approach, and delivery. Since graduating from Michigan Technological University, Bill has been employed by IBM for over three decades in several roles, spanning mainframe and Power systems performance analysis, logic design, and microarchitecture. Over the past 25 years, his innovation and technical leadership have been focused on the cache hierarchies; coherence architectures and scaling capabilities; memory, I/O, accelerator, system, and clustering architectures underpinning several generations of Power Systems. Focused on mission critical reliability and scale, these systems are widely used both in the public sector and in private sector banking, insurance, retail, logistics, and health care industries in addition to top tier supercomputers. Bill has been recognized by four IBM Corporate Awards and holds over 300 U.S. patents.