CyberHuskies Achieve Stellar Results in Spring National Cyber League Competitions

The CyberHusky team, spring 2024

CyberHusky, a group of Houghton High School and Houghton Middle School students excited about cybersecurity and computer topics, has achieved stellar results in spring 2024  National Cyber League (NCL) individual and team competitions.

In team competition, April 19-21, the CyberHusky1 team ranked #7 nationally in the high school bracket. The CyberHusky2 team ranked #39 nationally, and the CyberHusky3 team ranked #51 nationally. Over 600 high school teams from across the country competed in the spring 2024 NHL team competition.

The CyberHusky1 team comprises Anna Wu, Daniel Xie, Edward Liu, Gabe Hjerstedt, Joshua You, Samuel Cai, William Jiang. The CyberHusky2 team comprises Alex Svanidze, Jackson Brown, Rachel Sun, Rounak Chatterjee, Sophia Wu. The CyberHusky3 team comprises Arobindo Ghosh, Luke Meyers, Max Livesay, Zhitao Yap.

In individual competition, held April 5-7, two CyberHusky students placed among the national top 100 in the high school bracket: Edward Liu at #73 and Anna Wu at #86. Additionally, Samuel Cai, Joshua You, Gabe Hjerstedt, Zhitao Yap, William Jiang, and Daniel Xie finished in the national top 150.

“These are outstanding achievements!” says Yu Cai, Applied Computing. “I am both pleasantly surprised and deeply impressed by their dedication, self-motivation, and hard work.”

In the NCL competitions, college students and high school students tackle the same competition questions but are categorized separately for ranking. CyberHusky scores are on par with those of experienced students from Michigan Tech’s College of Computing and other college students.

CyberHusky students engage in weekly after-school training sessions to acquire computing knowledge and skills in areas such as Python, cybersecurity, Linux, and machine learning. CyberHusky teams are coached by Yu Cai and a group of Michigan Tech student mentors.

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