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Google Analytics 4 Upgrade

Google has announced their next-generation analytics platform: Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 is significantly different than the previous version of Google Analytics—known as Universal Analytics (UA). Google has decided to begin sunsetting UA next year. All standard UA properties will stop processing new data on July 1, 2023.

Upgrade Process

University Marketing and Communications (UMC) is taking on the task of upgrading campus from UA to GA4. The process is complex, but the end result will be better data for our strategic recruitment and reputation initiatives. No immediate actions are needed from CMS liaisons and other website managers. Additional training may be needed in the future.

New analytics properties and views are required to be created through the upgrade process. As we restructure our setup, we will be able to plan for Google’s total views limit and make improvements.

UTM Tracking Codes and Digital Marketing

What do UTM tracking codes (also called UTM tracking parameters) have to do with digital marketing? Let’s define what UTMs are, where UTMs came from, and how you can strategically use them to understand the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

What are UTM Tracking Parameters?

UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor. UTM tracking codes were invented by a web analytics company named Urchin. Urchin was acquired by Google in 2005, which helped lead to the creation of the analytics platform Google Analytics. As a result, UTM tracking codes are a key part of Google Analytics and have become the standard for tracking digital marketing effectiveness across different traffic sources and distribution channels. Other analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, such as Adobe Analytics and Slate CRM, understand UTM tracking parameters as well and can create reports around them.

UTM tracking codes are attached to the end of webpage URLs. When used correctly, these codes help digital marketers understand where their website traffic is coming from and how different groups of audiences perform key actions. Using UTM tracking codes helps digital marketers identify top-performing platforms and content in the pursuit of reaching our marketing goals.

Google Analytics Data Updates

Digital Services manages the University’s Google Analytics implementation. We have a couple of updates for anyone in the campus community who reviews or reports analytics for their CMS website(s).


During the fall semester, we made some adjustments to our tracking code to better attribute digital advertising conversions between Google AdWords and Slate CRM.