Footer Call to Action Buttons

You can choose to add call to action buttons at the top of the footer on your website. You can choose to add just the Give button linked to a page of your choice, just the recruitment buttons with preset links, or all four. The default is no buttons. This is only available in the _props.pcf file within the root folder for your site or the folder where navigation is restarted.

Example footer showing all buttons.

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Image Sizes in Blog Posts

Adding images to your blog posts help break up the content, makes them visually appealing, and enhances your storytelling. By using keywords in the image filenames you can also help boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Alternative text should always be included and captions are highly recommended, unless the reader can already understand the image content based on surrounding text.

Sizing Images

WordPress has a few size options available when you are adding your image. The sizes listed are the maximum size and may be reduced to fit the space available on various devices and will also vary based on the layout of sidebars on your blog site.

  • Thumbnail: 150 px by 150 px (square)
  • Medium: 300 px by 200 px (wide or tall)
  • Large: 1024 px by 680 px (wide or tall)
  • Full Size: the original size of your image

For original images larger than the Large size you should avoid using the Full Size option. The image will not display any bigger, but the Full Size image will slow down the webpage loading speed.

The system will not scale or stretch any images to be larger than their original size. If your original image dimensions fall below one of the listed maximum sizes, that option will not be available for you to insert.

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Image Gallery Snippet

This snippet will create a grid of thumbnail images that pop up into a scrollable gallery when a thumbnail is selected or a gallery of larger images that the user can scroll through that also pop up into a larger image. For the thumbnail option, only the pop-up image will display the title caption, but they will be displayed on the page for the gallery option.

An example of the thumbnails of an Image Thumbnails with Gallery widget.

An example of a gallery image of an Image Thumbnails with Gallery widget.

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Image Captions in Blog Posts

Image captions make your content more engaging, provide additional information to your readers, and can also boost your search engine optimization (SEO). They provide additional context when readers skim your post and could encourage people to read your content more fully. Just like anything else, don’t overdo it. Add captions where it is appropriate and provides more information to the user.

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