Digital Marketers Meetings

Digital Services in University Marketing and Communications hosts a Digital Marketers Meeting every other month. Digital Marketers is a group for digital platform managers (digital ads, photo/video production, social media accounts, websites, etc) across campus. Our discussion is focused on digital content production and best practices. We also provide a great setting to stay informed and plug into recruitment and reputation initiatives spearheaded by University Relations and Enrollment.

To receive a Google Calendar invitation for the meetings that includes a Zoom link, the campus community can join our email list.

Each Digital Marketers Meeting has a different focus topic and topic suggestions for future meetings are always welcome. An agenda is sent out to the list a couple weeks before the meeting and notes are sent out afterward. Meetings are recorded on Zoom and the recordings are available for 60 days after the meeting date. The historical notes from past meetings are linked below. Please remember that the digital world can change quickly and our meetings started in 2016. If you have any questions about a topic covered in a past meeting and how it may have changed since it was presented, please email

The notes from February 2020 and prior are only available to email list members as they were emailed to the group rather than saved in a Google Doc. UMC also uses the email list to send out information about various topics, usually not more often than once every other week. After joining the list, you can read all the past emails by going to your Google Groups, clicking the CMS Learn More group, and choosing Conversations from the left menu.