Snippets are inserted into an Editable Region to create styled widgets. From the toolbar, click the Insert Snippet icon. Puzzle piece icon in the toolbar to insert a Snippet. Snippets can be added directly in the region or often nested within other snippets.

WYSIWYG Snippets

A few snippets are very simple. When you insert the snippet, the layout of the final widget shows up and you just change the default text. Read about these What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) snippets.

Table Transformation Snippets

Most snippets are a table in the editor that then transforms and encodes the information into the widget when you save. For these snippets, you will enter certain content in the available fields (available fields are always white), change the existing text that appears, or select options from a drop-down menu. The instructions for each snippet will tell you what is needed in each field.

Note: If you notice that the snippet content does not appear in the preview when you save, you have most likely not entered all of the required information for the snippet or entered something incorrectly.