Pop-up Text Snippet

This snippet allows you to create a link or button on the page that opens a pop-up window displaying text. The pop-up can include headings, links, and images.


Pop-up text snippet.

  1. Enter the text that will display on the main page in the Link field. If you are linking from a blockquote and need to include an author you must insert the Blockquote snippet.
  2. If you want the link on the page to be a button or a blockquote instead of a plain link, enter the corresponding code in the Link Class field.
    1. “p” (without quotation marks) will create a plain link.
    2. “button” (without quotation marks) will create a gold button that changes to gray on hover.
    3. “button-black” (without quotation marks) will create a black button that lightens on hover.
    4. “button-blank” (without quotation marks) will create an outline button that changes to gold on hover.
    5. “blockquote” (without quotation marks) will create a blockquote. If you need an author in the blockquote, the Blockquote snippet needs to be inserted in the Link field.
  3. The Width and Height determine the size of the pop-up box in pixels.
  4. Enter a unique identifier in the ID field. If you are including multiple pop-ups on the page, they must be different values. The ID can only include lower-case letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  5. Enter the content that will display in the pop-up in the Pop Up field.

This snippet can also be used in the Button Text field of the List Spread Touts snippet to allow the tout to pop up a text window when clicked.

Watch a video to see how to add pop-up text to your page.

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