Touts Snippet

This snippet creates a row of solid or hollow colored circles for statistic touting. The number or ranking part of the statistic goes into the shape and the remaining text appears beneath. The circles could have background images instead of solid color. The font colors are predetermined and cannot be changed.

Example of solid touts with an image background.

Example of hollow gold touts.

Tout snippet.

This snippet should always be placed in a Row w/ Background snippet.

  1. In the Value field for shape, select Solid or Hollow. When using in an asset you must type “solid” or “hollow” without quotation marks.
  2. In the Value field for color, select the desired color. When using in an asset you must type the correct code:
    1. For Gold enter “yellow” without quotation marks.
    2. For Black enter “black” without quotation marks.
    3. For Blue enter “blue” without quotation marks.
    4. For Burgundy enter “burgundy” without quotation marks.
    5. For Gray enter “gray” without quotation marks.
    6. For Green enter “green” without quotation marks.
    7. For Light Green enter “light-green” without quotation marks.
    8. For Orange enter “orange” without quotation marks.
  3. If desired, use the Image Editor to crop the Square type to appear in the shape. Insert the square170 image in the Button Background Image field.
  4. Enter the text that will appear in the shape in the Button Text field.
    1. Add a link to this text if desired to enable a Go button in the shape when hovering.
    2. You can use one of the University-wide assets with a name starting with “Tout #” in this field.
  5. Enter the rest of the text that will appear below the shape in the Content After field.
    1. You can use one of the University-wide assets with a name starting with “Tout Text” in this field.

Specific editorial guidelines for formatting the tout content can be found in the Editorial Guide.

Each row of the snippet will create one tout and all touts will appear on the page in a single row.

If your page has no left navigation and no right sidebar, you can add up to all five touts. If you have either the left navigation or right sidebar, only use up to four touts. If you have both the left navigation and right sidebar, you can use up to three columns. You can also add this snippet to a right sidebar with one tout.

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