Row w/ Background Snippet

This snippet creates a row with either a solid color background or an image background that can be used with List Spread Tout Buttons or a full-width statistic or quote. Content over the image is optional. Text is automatically centered and the color will automatically be white on an image, grey, or black and black on grey nofilter, gold, white, or khaki.


Row with background snippet.

  1. Insert the image in the Image field, if desired.
  2. If not using an image, enter the desired color in the Row Classes field. The default is grey. You could change the word “grey” to gold, white, black, or khaki.
  3. If you are using this snippet with touts, gold, white, or khaki or to get a light grey color, enter “nofilter” (without quotation marks) in the Row Classes field. For touts delete “middle.”
  4. Enter text or the List Spread Touts snippet in the Content field. To style the text like the quote in the example image above, select the quote part of the text then choose the Largest Georgia option from the Styles dropdown.