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Row w/ Background Snippet

This snippet creates a row with either a solid color background or an image background that can be used with Touts or a full-width statistic or quote. Content over the image is optional. Text is automatically centered and has a predetermined color.

Row with background snippet.

  1. Insert the image in the Image field, if desired. Using the Image Editor, crop a Banner image type and insert the largest size created. The image should be at least 1200 wide in the Main Content region or 1600 wide in the Additional Content region to avoid pixilation.
  2. If not using an image, select the desired color in the Background Color field. When using the snippet in an asset you must type in the code instead:
    1. For Gold enter “yellow” without quotation marks.
    2. For Black enter “black” without quotation marks.
    3. For Dark Gray enter “medium-gray” without quotation marks.
    4. For Khaki enter “khaki” without quotation marks.
    5. For Light Gray enter “smoke-gray” without quotation marks.
    6. For White enter “white” without quotation marks.
  3. Enter content or the Touts snippet in the Content field. To style the text like the quote in the example image above, select the quote part of the text then choose the Largest Georgia option from the Styles dropdown. To center the content, select it and choose Align Center from the Styles dropdown menu in the toolbar.