Row w/ Left Image Snippet

This snippet creates a layout with an image or an image and text on the left and heading/text on the right. You can choose whether or not to wrap the text on the right around the left content and whether or not to include a horizontal rule on the last item in the snippet.


Screenshot of the Row with Left Image snippet with the fields numbered in red.

View row with left image in the Style Guide.

  1. Select whether you want the text on the right to wrap below the image/text on the left (Text Wrapped) or not (No Text Wrap).
    1. When using in an asset you must type in the desired option, “wrap” to have the text wrap or “nowrap” to not have it wrap.
  2. Select whether you want a horizontal rule (a line) after each of the rows or not.
    1. When using in an asset you must type in the desired option, “hr” to include the line or “none” to not have a line.
  3. Insert an image, either square170, square250, or personnel170 image into the Image field. If you include text after the image you must use a square170 or personnel170 image. You can also insert a video snippet with a width of 170 or 250.
  4. Enter a heading (if desired) and the content for the right side in the content field.

Each row of the snippet will create a formatted row. To add more than three rows, press tab to get additional rows in the table. You can also right click, Row, Insert Before or Insert After to add a new row between existing rows.

(Video has no sound.)