Video/360 Image Snippet

This snippet creates an embedded video or 360 image. The size of the video/image will automatically adjust based on the location you insert it. A title and description can be included beneath it. This is for use in the body or sidebar of your page. To include a video at the very top of the page, follow the instructions for MultiEdit Content.

Example of an embedded video with a Title and Description.

Video and 360 Image snippet

  1. Enter the YouTube, Vimeo, or other video URL in the URL field.
    1. If you enter a playlist URL rather than an individual video, the snippet will display the first video of the playlist.
    2. If the video is not online and you have the video file, upload the file into the CMS, type the name of the file in the URL field, and link to it. The file type should be .mp4. If there is any audio in the video you must include captions for accessibility compliance. In that case, you cannot use a file upload.
    3. If it is a 360 image, enter the Flickr URL which can be found by clicking the image download icon, right click on the Large option, and select Copy Link Location.
  2. Enter a title to display beneath the video/image in the Title field, if desired.
  3. Enter a description in the Description field to appear beneath the title, if desired.
  4. Except in special circumstances, leave the height and width fields blank.

See how to embed a video in your webpage.

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