MultiEdit Content

The Properties button in the Page Actions Toolbar near the top of the page contains information about the page. You must have the page checked out to you to see all the options.

MultiEdit Content is where you will set up the main page image if you have turned it on in the Parameters. Select the MultiEdit Content option from the left menu in the Properties screen or by using the MultiEdit button at the top of the page edit screen.

In order for the image or video inserted here to show up you must select a Page Image Location Option from the Page Parameters screen.

MultiEdit Content screen for a page.

  • Banner Type: Choose from
    • Image Only
    • Text Over Image—text entered in the Banner Content field will appear over the image
    • Text Popup—a circled “i” icon will appear in the lower right of the image with text entered in the Image Title field shown next to it; when clicked a popup will open showing the text entered in the Banner Content field.
    • Video—if you choose this option you must enter a Youtube video ID in the Banner Video ID field that will appear in the feature image location. This option can also be used for Flickr 360 Images. You should still insert an image as well.
    • None—Select this option to not display any image on your homepage; on an interior page use the Parameters options to turn off the main page image.
  • Banner Image: Even if you selected Video in Banner Type, click the image icon next to this field to select the image that will be used when the page is shared on social media or the video is unable to display. Crop a Banner image type with the Image Editor and insert the largest size that was created. In order to avoid a pixelated image, the image must be at least 800 pixels wide for a Sub-Banner, 1024 pixels wide for a Banner, 1200 for a Feature, and 1600 for a Hero.
  • Image Description: This should be a description of what is in the image. It is used by screen readers to describe the image to the user.
  • Media Title: If you selected Text Popup, enter text in this field that will display next to the circled “i” icon. For Text Over Image, content entered here will be the large (H2) size. You can also use this field to display a title in a caption for the Video option.
  • Banner Content: Enter content that will be displayed over the image if you selected the Text Over Image Banner Type or in the popup if you selected Text Popup Banner Type. You can also use this field to display a description in a caption for the Video option. You can include links, bullets, and other formatting in this field.
  •  Text Over Image Location: For a Banner Type of Text Over Image, select an option for where the text will display on the image.
  • Banner Video ID: If you selected the Video Banner Type, enter a YouTube video ID for the video that will be displayed in the feature image location. The ID is the number/letter combination normally found after the = in the URL. This option can also be used for Flickr 360 Images. To include a 360 image, enter the Flickr URL which can be found by clicking the image download icon, right click on the Large option and select Copy Link Location.

Save your changes.

Remember, you must also make a Page Image Location Option selection on the Parameters screen in order for your image to show up. If you are using a Banner Type of Video, you should also insert an image in the Banner Image with a Description that would be used when the page is shared on social media.

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