Page Parameters

The Properties button in the Page Actions Toolbar near the top of the page contains information about the page. You must have the page checked out to you to see all the options.

The Page Parameters section, which can be selected from the left menu or in the Page Parameters Gadget, contains the following options.

Title and Metadata

Title and Metadata section of the Parameters screen.

  • Title: This is used as the page title for interior pages and the metatitle (the text that shows in the tab of your browser) for all pages.
  • Description: This is the meta description for the page. It is text that provides a description of the content on your page and is commonly used in search engine results as a preview of what is on the page.
  • Keywords: User-defined keywords that are used in searches to help find content and for SEO purposes.
  • Tags: Used within Omni CMS to categorize pages and files so that it is easier to search for and filter them.

Custom Settings

Screenshot of the Custom Settings section of the Page Parameters.

  • Page Meta Title: This can be used to override the default meta title in special cases.
  • Breadcrumb: If the page you are editing has a filename of index.pcf this field is not used. For additional pages within a folder that are named something other than index.pcf this field will set the page breadcrumb (in the light grey space at the top of the page below the site title).
  • Header Image Parameters: If desired, check the Show box next to one location if you want the header image to display. You can include text over image, pop-up, or video media types with all selections from the MultiEdit Content menu. For any of the options you should use the Image Editor to crop a Banner image type and insert the largest size created in MultiEdit Content.
    • Show Hero Image will display the main page image as a full screen-width feature image that is above all other content.
    • Show Feature Image will display the main page image above the content area including left and right sidebars, extending from the left side of the left sidebar to the right side of the right sidebar.
    • Show Banner Image will display the main page image within the content area next to the left sidebar and above the right sidebar (if turned on).
    • Show Sub-Banner Image will display the main page image within the content area next to any sidebars that are turned on.
  • Header Image Type: Change the dropdown menu from Regular to Slim to make the header image shorter. You will still use the Banner image type in the Image Editor, but the system will use the middle section of the banner image that you insert. The Slim type cannot be used with the Video/360 Image Media Type.
  • Left Sidebar Section Options: The Show box controls the visibility of the left sidebar.
  • Right Sidebar Section Options: The Show box controls the visibility of the left sidebar.

Save your changes.

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