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Meeting Photography Needs

As marketing requests have grown and as an emphasis on visuals through print, social media, and websites have continued to expand, the need for quality photography in our projects has changed over time.

In response to this shifting dynamic, our University photographer, Sarah Bird, has shifted to a marketing photographer role.

Sarah will focus on producing the visuals that bring UMC projects to life. She will capture the people, experiences, and opportunities of Michigan Tech in a way that represents and enhances our brand. She will work with departments, groups, and areas on high-impact, external-facing projects.

Internal Projects and Event Coverage

We understand that there has also been growth in internal requests, including projects that have a smaller scope or which are event oriented. To best use our resources, we would like to explore ways to shape and elevate these projects into a larger marketing initiative. If the request ultimately falls outside our scope, we will offer student interns as their schedules allow.

Additionally, we are working with the student photography club to develop a list of students that departments can hire on a case-by-case or semester basis to get more coverage. This will add an additional layer of support to campus.

Induction and Portrait Coverage

Portrait photography, including during induction ceremonies, are particularly challenging due to the complexity in setup and tear down, the unique skill set and experience needed, and the amount of time required. Because of this, we recommend that departments hire a third-party to cover any events or needs that require portraits or a studio setup.

Our marketing photographer will continue to provide campus with one or two open portrait sessions each year. These open sessions will be advertised in Tech Today.

Making a Request

If your department would like to request a photographer to take photos, you can use our online photo request form. 2-3 weeks notice is preferred to assist with planning and to increase the chances that we can fulfill your request. If a photographer is not available or if your request is outside of our scope, we may suggest a set of existing photos instead and we may provide a list of students that can be hired by your department instead.

If your department would like to request a set of photos already on file within UMC, you can use our online photo search form. Our photo request links are also available on the UMC website.

If you have any questions or concerns about this shift, you are welcome to contact Joel Vertin at 906-487-3635 or jcvertin@mtu.edu.

Promoting Your Michigan Tech Event

You’re working hard to plan an event at Michigan Technological University. Now all you need is people to show up. How do you make that happen? Pro tip: it takes more than a Facebook event page. Here’s a few nitty-gritty event promotion tips for our Michigan Tech campus community:

Begin Promotion About Two Weeks Out

This means your assets, like designed posters, should be completed two (or more) weeks before the event. Of course the bigger the event, the more lead time required.

As much information as humans consume these days, it can take three or more methods of communicating the same message. What modes will you use? Consider:

  • Michigan Tech’s Event Calendar
  • Submitting news to Tech Today
  • Social media—pages you administer and partnering groups or departments
  • Table tents in the Memorial Union and dining halls
  • Posters throughout campus
  • WMTU
  • A press release to local media
  • Email blast
  • Newsletter mention
  • Postcards or quarter-sheet flyers

Tend to Your Event Page

If you go the Facebook event page route, kick-start traffic by inviting relevant Facebook friends. Your Page can launch and ‘share’ the event page, but then you can go and individually click ‘invite’ to your target audience. Click, click, click. Yes, it can feel tedious. Then ask your audience to do the same. Click, click, click. As the event page grows, consider sharing content right in the event. Your attendees will get a notification each time news is posted. There’s even a spot for a designed cover image (.png, 784 x 295 pixels) to make your Page feel extra special.

Your Audience Will Forget

Who can remember anything from two weeks ago anyway? It will take a lot of reminders. A week out, then the day before, and even the day of the big event. Keep your event top of mind, and ask a few ‘event ambassadors’ to help rally the troops, too.

Lead with Why

Keep messages short, sweet, and to the point. Who, what, where, when, and why. Creative tip I picked up from Jess Brassard: lead with the why. And don’t forget to ask a colleague to proofread your work before it publishes, prints, or posts.

Need social media or event promotion help? Just email social@mtu.edu.

Shannon Rinkinen
Brand and Social Media Manager