2013 PACE Competition

Department of Engineering Fundamentals 2013 PACE (Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education) Competition was held on April 22, 2012.

A collection of photos of this year’s PACE teams is on the College of Engineering Flickr Site.

This year’s competition featured designs for a library robot, tree harvester, unique microbreweries and human powered vehicle. The competition judges were volunteers from industry who work for General Motors and Siemens PLM Software.

All eight finalist teams received PACE certificates prizes.

Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education (PACE) is a program linking industry with strategically selected academic institutions worldwide—including Michigan Tech—with the goal of developing the automotive product lifecycle management (PLM) team of the future.

Michigan Tech participates in the PACE Engineering Design Competition with eight first-year student teams that are selected annually from the Engineering Modeling and Design course (ENG1102) to present their design projects to a panel of judges appointed by the University, including representation from industry.

1st Place: “Barry the Book Bot”: The Library Stocking Robot: Neil A. Feliksa, Abbey J. Senczyszyn, Lauren M. Tromp, Seth D. Whitehouse; Instructor: Riehl

2nd Place: Blue Ox Tree Harvester: John A. Hagopian, Zebadiah C. Johnston, Justin R. Slater, Garrison D. Strand; Instructor: Riehl

3rd Place (Tie): QuatroBreweries: Elizabeth Beauvais, Benjamin J. Fournier, Kyle Pinozek, Travis J Williams; Instructor: Fraley

3rd Place (Tie): 4Gals Brewery: Ellen Hetcher, Lauren Krueger, Jeanette Kussow, Kristina Rushlau; Instructor: Fraley

Other Finalists:
“The A Team”: Jarrod Michael Bennett, Stuart Alexander Crewdson, Nicholas Scott Grygleski, Michael Thomas Lemmer; Instructor: Makela

Ale 9 Brewing Company: Randall Foor, Blake Grogan, Robert J. Minger, Nicholas Verhun; Instructor: Fraley

“Human Powered Ingenuity”: Karl Freier, Matthew Garn, Michael Kennedy, Patrick Malone; Instructor: B. Hamlin

“Riderescue”: Elizabeth Csaszar, Joshua DeVet, Aaron J. Rabideau, Timothy J. Radtke; Instructor: Makela