Final Exam Preparation

Fall 2013 final exams are December 16th through 29th. All exams are two hours in duration. Click for a list of each course, section, exam start time, building, and room. Or, students can view their personal final exam schedule by logging into Banweb, selecting Student Services, selecting Registration, and selecting Student Final Exam Schedule.

Please check your final exam schedule. If you have a time conflict or MORE than three exams on one day, the Registrar’s Office (Student Service Center) will be e-mailing one of your professors to have an exam moved. They will also cc you on that e-mail so you know what is happening. In addition, some larger courses have more than one room for the final exam, please check for your course section number and last name to determine where to go for your final exam.

To help you prepare for final exams, below are exam preparation tips from Engineering Fundamentals faculty.

To help you prepare for final exams, below are exam preparation tips from Engineering Fundamentals faculty.

  • Get enough rest – do not save all your studying until the last minute and lose sleep because you are not prepared for the exam.
  • Manage your study time effectively – focus your efforts on the material you are least confident in or topics you know will be the majority of the exam.
  • Make use of the study materials provided by the instructor. Complete the assigned reading.
  • Ask questions during class if there is something you do not understand.

– Ms. Amber Kemppainen

  • Rewrite or type up your notes and review class slides.
  • Take a short (10 minute) walk before your exam.
  • Take study breaks.

– Dr. AJ Hamlin

  • Higher thinking is one of the first things to go when you are exhausted or malnourished, so getting proper rest and nutrition during finals week is very important. It is best to allow at least a week of adjustment on this. So, check your final exam schedule to find the earliest time you will need to get out of bed, and then adjust your sleep schedule for that wake-up time in the week before finals, if possible. Eating right will also help you do your best on all those tests. Good luck on them!

– Dr. Jean Kampe

  • When preparing for a final exam and reviewing each topic in the course – ask yourself “How could I test for this topic?” When you can answer that question, you are ready for the exam.

– Dr. Brett Hamlin

  • What worked best for me was paging through my notes.

– Mr. Mir Sadri-Sabet

  • Do not just cram for the exam the night before. This is a difficult task and generally is a waste of time. Your best bet is to come to class every day and pay attention. Being actively involved in the classroom and in your learning process in general will make studying for the final exam an easier task.
  • Go through the course outline and make sure you are comfortable with each day’s topic(s). Being familiar with the course’s structure helps you get concepts more aligned in your head. This also helps you determine which topics you are not as comfortable with and where to focus your study efforts more thoroughly.
  • Do not worry too much. Worrying is not going to help you pass the test anyway, so why waste your time worrying?

– Mr. Jonathan Riehl

  • Write your own exam with your friends/class mates. Each write two problems. Take the exam, grade your questions, and review the exam as a group.
  • Review homework and exams. Redo problems that you completed incorrectly. Complete additional problems at the end of the chapter.

– Ms. Amy Monte