Day: January 20, 2021

A New Editor in Canvas

You’ve probably noticed that things look a little different in the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) these days. The updated editor became available in all Michigan Tech Canvas courses at the beginning of the Spring 2021 semester. We’ve seen several support requests come into the CTL recently asking how to do things like insert course links, images, media, and documents in the new editor. Our knowledge base article provides a good overview of changes and Canvas offers many guides about specific functionality as well. Below I will outline a few common pain points we have been seeing since the change to the new RCE.

Links tool in Canvas Rich Content Editor


In the new RCE there are separate tools for inserting content. These tools are grouped in a section of the toolbar and are also available from the Insert menu at the top of the RCE interface. The process to link to other course content has changed. When you select the Course Links option a sidebar will open allowing you to browse and select where you want to link in your course. You can also insert external links (and add descriptive link text) from this tool.

Image tool in Canvas Rich Content Editor


The image tool lets you insert images via upload, or from your course files directory. With the upload option you can drag/drop or browse to a file on your computer. You can also link to a url from a photo hosting service. To support accessibility make sure to include alternative text to any images that convey important meaning, or click the available box to tag the image as decorative only. You can also insert files already present in your course files directory or from your Canvas user files (global files attached to your Canvas profile).


The upload/record media tool lets you insert media files (short audio/video clips) by dragging them into the upload box or browsing to a media file on your desktop. The record media option allows you to record media on the fly using your available camera and microphone devices. Existing media files in your course or Canvas account can also be inserted. Any video content that is stored in your course

Huskycast embed tool in Canvas Rich Content Editor

Huskycast folder can be inserted by selecting the green Huskycast icon. When you click this tool you can browse and select the video session in Huskycast that you want to insert. Remember Huskycast video content is not stored in your Canvas course files area so it does not count against your course file storage quota. We highly recommend that you store all video content in Huskycast and not in your Canvas course files area.

Document insert tool in Canvas Rich Content Editor


Insert links to existing documents in your course files or drag and drop new document files from your computer into the upload window.

Try it Out

Yes, there are some significant changes in the new Canvas RCE, but once you update your workflows you should benefit from the more robust editing features available. Let us know if we can help.


Canvas: Rich Content Editor Guides
MTU: New Rich Content Editor

Need Help?

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