Tag: Spring 2012

Departmental Seminar


Beauty and the Beast: Using EarthScope, Sense of Place and the Landscapes of Our National Parks to Engage the Public on the Scenery and Geological Hazards of the United States


Robert J. Lillie, PhD, Certified Interpretive Trainer, Emeritus Professor of Geosciences
Oregon State University
E-mail: lillier@geo.oregonstate.edu
Web: http://geo.oregonstate.edu/~lillier


March 20, 2012 2 pm Dow 610

Full Scale Coastal Experiments….from Flying Buoys to Caribou Hunters

Date and Location

Feb 8, 3-4pm, Dow 642


Dr Guy Meadows, Univ of Michigan and adjunct professor, GMES


Over the past several years, the Ocean Engineering Laboratory (OEL) of the University of Michigan has been involved in the design, fabrication and deployment of a wide variety of Great Lakes and coastal ocean environmental monitoring platforms. These platforms are all either, semi- or fully-autonomous in the execution of their respective missions and capable of producing real-time data.  The development of these platforms offers a glimpse into the possible future of advanced aquatic sensing and long term, open water, measurement persistence. Examples of the utilization of these and other environmental sensing platforms, many developed jointly with MTU, will be provided.  Applications to a variety of Great lakes and coastal ocean environments will be discussed including searching for evidence of Paleo-Indian occupation of what is now the submerged Alpena-Amberley, central ridge of Lake Huron.