NSF Intellectual Property Program: Spring Term 2011

Patents and Copyright – Spring Term 2011

This program for STEM graduate students begins on Jan. 19, the required orientation session, and continues for 10 weeks.

This is a semester-long, non-credit program for graduate students, funded by the National Science Foundation.  Students receive a certificate of completion for training on the Intellectual Component of Responsible Conduct of Research.   Participants work in small teams to solve one copyright problem and one patent problem in primarily online learning spaces using Blackboard Learn 9.1 tools.  Students are guided by Jim Baker, TED, and Nora Allred, copyright librarian, in these online learning spaces and in face-to-face discussion meetings.

Using online tools offers two benefits compared to traditional classroom or programmed online instruction such as CITI training. First, these tools allow asynchronous learning, which enables graduate students, particularly those with English as a second language and those with demanding schedules, to participate in a relaxed and reflective manner. Second, these tools support active, collaborative learning, which is useful for understanding complex ethical concepts.

Students can register online to participate in the program.