John Ball Zoo Society Wildlife Conservation Fund Invites Grant Applications

The John Ball Zoo Society’s Wildlife Conservation Fund in Grand Rapids, Michigan, helps to fund projects working to conserve wildlife and wild places around the world.

Many projects funded by the fund have been education-based, with an eye to helping communities learn about the wildlife around them. In addition, the fund has lent support to help conserve some of the lesser known taxa such as endangered reptiles and amphibians.

The fund gives special attention to projects involving animals native to Michigan.

Grants are awarded every year for one or more of the following purposes: to enhance or assist wild animal preservation, native and exotic, threatened and endangered, and their habitat management; to enhance or improve captive animal management, including environmental design; and to assist in the development of education programming in concert with the above purposes.

Grants generally range from $500 to $2,500.

Visit the Wildlife Conservation Fund Web site for complete application guidelines and information on previous grantees and their projects.