Graduate Student Writing Groups

At the Multiliteracies Center, in Walker room 107, we offer Graduate Student Writing Groups for graduate students at any level.

The groups are available for working on projects (planning and writing), proposals, conference papers, posters, presentations and defenses. They are discussion based to allow students to explain their project to other students and get feedback from peers. Evidence shows that we retain 75 – 90% of what we teach others as opposed to only 10% of what we read.

These groups are there to help motivate students, to overcome procrastination, provide organizational strategies, to provide accountability and deadlines and ultimately to help students progress with their projects and get writing done!

We offer two writing groups which will meet once a week for one hour. In addition, we provide the option of attending a Thesis and Dissertation Bootcamp for students who wish to accomplish significant amounts of research and writing this summer. The Bootcamp will meet four times a week for an hour to discuss progress, give and receive feedback, and address challenges and issues together.

If you have any questions or would like to make another type of appointment you can reach us at or 906-487-2007.


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