Housing options for 2023-24

Michigan Tech has both on-campus and off-campus options for student housing.  The demand for housing both on campus and off is high in our region, and so we strongly recommend prospective students to begin exploring their options as soon as possible.  

On-campus housing is handled by our Residence Education and Housing Services. They provide affordable apartments in Daniell Heights and university-owned houses. Apartments and University-owned houses are on a first-come, first-served basis, so we highly encourage students to start looking at their options as soon as possible and apply for what meets your needs. 

Please know that the demand for Daniell Heights apartments is very high and outpaces supply, so make preparations early and apply for the waitlist.  It is typical for students to be on the waitlist for a year before receiving an offer of an apartment. You must be included on the waitlist for on-campus housing if you would like to be considered for any openings once they are full.  While we acknowledge many prefer to live on campus in Daniell Heights, we strongly encourage students to explore off campus options to ensure they have their housing secure.  Please contact the Residence Education and Housing Services if you have questions regarding on-campus housing at housing@mtu.edu.

You can also check out the Daniell Heights Residents group on Facebook.  This is a place where current Daniell Heights contract holders who have an apartment look for a roommate. 

While Daniell Heights on campus apartments cannot accommodate all students, many graduates find success living in off campus housing in the region.  We have a large range of off-campus housing options for students in the Houghton and Hancock area.  These spaces are independent of MTU and managed by landlords in the community. If you are interested in off-campus housing you will need to reach out to the individual listed in the advertisement for the rental unit. Each listing has an address, we highly encourage you to map how far the place is from campus, especially if you will not have a vehicle.  We also encourage you to be persistent looking for spaces in the area as housing comes available frequently throughout the year.  Additional privately managed rental units are listed below:

You can also check out the Michigan Tech Marketplace on Facebook, MTU Discord, or MTU Reddit for available subleases or openings for a roommate.