Flavio Bezerra Costa, ECE, Receives Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment Fund (C2E2) Award

Flavio Bezerra Costa, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received a Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment Fund (C2E2) Award from the Michigan Tech Vice President for Research Office.

The award will make it possible to implement an experimental microgrid with full integration of renewable energy resources and explore how renewable and sustainable energy can integrate with existing grids and work as a standalone option.

While this award funds a microgrid for experimentation, Dr. Costa’s research interests lie in many areas applicable to energy systems and grids, including developing smart grids, AC/DC microgrids, the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in power systems, and power system protection, control, and monitoring.

Costa is a member of the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems’ (ICC) Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

The Michigan Tech Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment fund (C2E2) is a program aimed at providing equipment money to improve the lives of faculty, students, and staff campus-wide. The program is supported by the Michigan Tech Fund through donations by individuals and organizations to the fund. The primary factor considered in reviewing C2E2 proposals is the broadness of the impact on campus. The C2E2 is administered by the vice president for research. A faculty committee reviews all proposals towards the end of the fall semester and recommends funding to the vice president.