The 2023 ICC Achievement Award Recipients

Briana Bettin, Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Cognitive and Learning Sciences
Susanta Ghosh, Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
Kristi Hauswirth, Director of Finance and Data Operations

To kick off the 2023 Showcase [AI] event, the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems announced the three recipients of the year’s ICC Achievement Awards. These awards are devoted to ICC members that embody the mission of the institute through their research, collaborations, and contributions.

Soon after the College of Computing Honor Academy inductees were announced, ICC director Tim Havens took the stage to extend recognition to these difference makers.

Briana Bettin – For transforming education in computer programming and advocating for inclusive and accessible computing education

Briana Bettin’s MTU journey started as a Computer Science undergrad, and she would eventually return for her PhD in the same field. This gives her valuable insight into how computing is taught at Michigan Tech. An assistant professor in both Computer Science and Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Dr. Bettin juggles research in humans and machines and does it superbly.

Which gets into where Dr. Bettin shines: she knows what programming students need to succeed and attempts to dismantle pedagogical barriers to student success in computing, using her expertise on human thinking and programming and her experience in MTU’s Computer Science program.

But the effects of her work ripple far beyond Michigan Tech. Her research, which often includes collaboration with her MTU CLS and CS cohorts, provides game-changing insight on effective methods to encourage student success, digital literacy, and more.

Briana Bettin recently concluded an ICC/GLRC Rapid Seedling Research Grant, and is the primary PI on another project sponsored by Michigan Tech Research Excellence Fund (REF) (with co-PIs, Laura Brown and Leo Ureel II).

Susanta Ghosh – For pioneering research in computational mechanics and machine learning

Susanta Ghosh completed both legs of his graduate education at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. His quality research output carried over across the world to Michigan Tech, producing high-impact publications on machine learning, including uncertainty quantification and Bayesian inference. 

An assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics department, Dr. Ghosh often works with his bright graduate students, who are listed as authors on several of his publications. Not only is he producing strong and impactful work, but he is also empowering students with research experience and adds to the common perception of Michigan Tech graduates as being highly capable and attractive for employers.

These students are featured in Dr. Ghosh’s Computational Science and Machine Learning Lab, which has produced more than 10 impactful publications involving him and his students since the start of 2021. It will be exciting to see the future outcomes of his research.

Susanta Ghosh is currently the PI for a research project sponsored by the National Science Foundation, and wrapped up a three year award in August from the Department of Energy and UCLA.

Kristi Hauswirth – In recognition of exceptional dedication, unwavering commitment, and invaluable contributions to supporting computing research

Kristi Hauswirth is the Director of Finance and Data Operations for the College of Computing, and is the College’s behind-the-scenes player in nearly every research project, providing pre-award support in budgeting and project planning, post-award support in budget tracking and spend planning, helping faculty hire graduate and undergraduate researchers, amongst a multitude of other responsibilities for the College.

The ICC extends thanks to these recipients for their great efforts and the entire ICC has a whole. ICC membership has grown to nearly 90 members from many different departments and the growth would not be possible without dedicated members who are committed to their research and collaboration.