Michigan Tech taking the ski lift up the NSF HERD Report

As winter truly enters Houghton, here is some news to keep you warm inside.

The NSF recently published their yearly Higher Education Research Development (HERD) report reflecting on the previous fiscal year (FY22) and Michigan Tech has made major headway. The report features rankings of the top 1,000 research-active institutions in the country based on research expenditures.

The NSF has separate rankings by discipline, with Computer and Information Science as one that has seen MTU gain significant ground in the past few years. For FY22, MTU was ranked as #89, up 59 places from #148 in FY18. This also represents a jump of 26 places since FY21, which had MTU at #115 in this discipline.

This is 1 of the 8 disciplines in which MTU sits in the top 100 for. This acceleration is a reflection of the amount of increased activity seen within ICC and the College of Computing. The number that NSF listed for MTU’s FY22 expenses in this discipline is about $7.5 million, which is only $400,000 greater than the amount awarded to ICC members for new research projects in the just first quarter of MTU’s FY23 alone. This continuing escalation of research activity within the breadth of ‘Computer and Information Science’ at MTU bodes well for future growth in this ranking.

MTU also boasts the largest percentage increase (by far) in this category in the state of Michigan at 42% growth from FY21.

Browse the full rankings below!

Source: https://ncses.nsf.gov/surveys/higher-education-research-development/2022#data

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