Strengthening Infrastructure – Miaomiao Li & others attend the IEEE PES ISGT Conference in Puerto Rico

From left to right – Miaomiao Li, Chee-Wooi Ten, Flavio Costa, Diego Aponte-Roa, Shan Zhou

The PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies LATAM Conference in Puerto Rico took place early last month before Thanksgiving Break, and the ICC is happy to see so many Michigan Tech faces in attendance.

Miaomiao Li (PhD student, CEGE) attended the conference with aid from an ICC Student Travel Grant to present research on power system fragility during hurricanes. A major problem facing modern day power systems are extreme weather conditions, and the work presented focuses specifically on power system transmission from the place of generation.

The research team includes four Michigan Tech faculty – Pengfu Xue (CEGE), Chee-Wooi Ten (ECE), Flavio Costa (ECE), Qingli Dai (CEGE). All are members of either the ICC or the GLRC. The team was bolstered with Shan Zhou from Purdue University (former faculty at Michigan Tech!) as well as Diego Aponte-Roa, a longtime Puerto Rican resident with extensive research experience robust energy grid solutions that are renewable and sustainable.

Flavio Costa (PI) and co-PI Chee-Wooi Ten are currently conducting research on resilient offshore wind energy under a GLRC/ICC Rapid Seedling Grant. Dr. Costa was also recently awarded a MTU VPR Research Excellence Fund award for his project “Grid Emulation in Campus Buildings Incorporating Distributed Renewables and Vehicle/Battery Charging”.

As for Miaomiao, her takeaways from the experience are exciting. Networking with professionals and students in the field granted new friends as well as valuable insight, information, and perspective. Slated to graduate this spring of 2024, Miaomiao is both a Graduate Research Assistant and a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the CEGE department. Her advisor is Dr. Yousef Darestani.

 This opportunity has been truly precious and has allowed me to broaden my understanding of power system resilience under challenging environmental conditions.

Miaomiao Li, LinkedIn, November 2023. View Post

Visit the ICC website to learn more about Student Travel Grants. Applications are being accepted for the Spring 2024 semester.

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