IT Update – New Students

Michigan Tech IT is looking forward to the start of the fall semester and all the new students who begin to arrive on August 23. Below are some helpful things to know before you get to campus.

  • Michigan Tech has negotiated many software packages for students to install and use on their personal computers at no cost while at Michigan Tech. Software availability varies by major but includes: AutoCAD, EndNote, Matlab, Mathematica, Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, Microsoft DreamSpark, Microsoft Security Essentials, and more. Most of the contracts require that you be an active current student to download and install, so software will be available once the fall semester begins. Visit the software download center at:
  • If you haven’t already done so, make your New Student Orientation weekend a little easier by uploading a photo for your Michigan Tech HuskyCard ID. You can do this by logging in at and following the HuskyCard photo item instructions. Students without a photo uploaded will need to have their photo taken on campus and wait for their card to print; students who upload their photo in advance will have their pre-printed card waiting for them at HuskyCard pickup.
  • Wireless routers are not allowed in the residence halls. Save yourself time and money by not buying a wireless router. If a student has a wireless router that we detect, we will ask the student to remove the router to reduce interference with our existing wireless network.
  • Over the summer, Michigan Tech IT hired a consulting firm to evaluate wireless connectivity throughout campus. Based on their report and feedback from residence hall students, we are in the process of deploying and activating nearly 700 new access points in the residence halls, which results in roughly one access point in every other room. This project will provide exceptional wireless coverage throughout the halls. This project will not be complete before move in weekend. It will be a continuous process until all access point are active. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we finish this important project.
  • Printing is available throughout campus and the residence halls. Find out where printers are available on our web site at Information on printing in the residence halls is at
  • Finally, Michigan Tech IT is available to help you with any IT issues you experience as you begin the new year. Please contact us at or (906) 487-1111.

IT to deploy nearly 700 wireless access points in residence halls

In response to residence hall student concerns and the growing need for wireless coverage, over the summer IT hired a consulting firm to survey all the Michigan Tech campus for wireless coverage.  The result is an ambitious project to install nearly 700 new access points in Wadsworth Hall, McNair Hall, Douglass Houghton Hall, and Hillside Place. The project kicked off on August 4, 2014 with contractors installing raceway and patch cables in nearly every other room in the halls. This project is ongoing and expected to be completed in early fall semester.

Project status can be followed at

Follow Michigan Tech IT on Facebook ( or Twitter (@MichiganTechIT) for updates.

July 2014 Wireless Service Improvements

IT is making changes to the campus wireless network including: the Bradford Persistent agent is going away, MichiganTechSecure is going away, and the wireless bandwidth cap is being removed.

Based on specific campus wireless issues, IT is making the following service improvements, effective Monday, July 21 at 6:00am.

Specific Changes:

  • Wireless security will be through a “dissolvable” agent instead of requiring the Bradford persistent agent. Users with Windows and Mac laptops had previously been required to download and install the Bradford Agent software. Beginning Monday, IT will use a “dissolvable” agent, which will run once but not permanently install on your device. Since the Bradford Persistent Agent will no longer be needed, you will be able to permanently uninstall the Bradford client from your device. Uninstall instructions are located at:
  • The MichiganTechSecure wireless network will be decommissioned. This network was never intended for use beyond a few machines and has caused issues with disconnecting hosts. Users should instead connect to the MichiganTech wireless network for a more reliable experience; this network is no less secure than the MichiganTechSecure network.
  • The bandwidth cap on wireless access has been removed. Last year, wireless usage was limited to 5 Mbps (Megabits per second) per device; this was updated to 15 Mbps in April. Beginning Monday, the cap will be removed completely. This does not mean unlimited data on wireless – as wireless capacity depends on your distance from an access point and its current traffic – but we will continue to monitor the wireless service and appreciate your feedback if you have any issues.

Which actions are required?

  • When connecting to the wireless network, please use MichiganTech instead of MichiganTechSecure.
  • Remove the Bradford Agent from your machine (if applicable) using the instructions located at

These changes are planned to improve wireless service and stability. As always, if you have concerns or issues please let us know by contacting IT Help at 906-487-1111 or If you need assistance joining your device to the MichiganTech wireless network, you can also stop by with your device at the IT and Library Service Center.