Don’t be tricked by gift card scammers

Michigan Tech and other universities have seen an increase in gift card scams. These scams have become more and more common on campus.

What the scam sequence might look like:

  1. You receive a message that appears to be from a coworker or associate.
  2. The message asks if you are available to do something for the sender.
  3. By replying, you will likely receive a second message.
  4. This one will claim that the sender is busy and can only be contacted by email.
  5. The sender (scammer) will ask you to do something for them. (This often includes purchasing gift cards or initiating a wire transfer for the scammer).

As with phishing, you are your best advocate; be diligent and protect yourself. Make sure to look at the sender’s email address. If it seems suspicious, it probably is. When in doubt, reach out to Michigan Tech IT.

We can help. If you have any questions, contact us at or call 7-1111.

Tips on using Duo

Michigan Tech faculty and staff may access their 2019 Open Enrollment through MyMichiganTech or Banweb. We want to remind you that Duo Two-Step is used for this access. Below are some tips for using Duo. We also have more information about Duo in our Knowledge Base.

Setting up multiple devices

We recommend that you set up a secondary device in case you need to authenticate and don’t have your primary device handy. Some popular combinations our IT staff uses are:

  • Mobile device/office phone
  • Mobile device/home phone
  • Mobile device/token generator

Generate a security code with your mobile app

Trying to authenticate with your mobile device without cell service? No problem. Duo’s Mobile app acts as a token generator and can generate a one-time security code even if you have no cell service or WiFi. Just click the arrow icon on the right to generate a one-time security code.

click the arrow and Duo will generate a security code without cell service

Remember me

For your convenience, you can select Remember me for 30 days when logging in on your personal device and Duo will remember and not ask to authenticate for 30 days on that device.

check the remember me for 30 days for Duo to remember your device

More questions on Duo? We can help. Contact us at or 7-1111.

Microsoft Office 2019 campus rollout—important information and timeline

Michigan Tech IT is preparing to roll out this version to campus in the upcoming months.

Useful information

  • Office 2019 is available for Mac OS and Windows 10
  • Mainstream (non-paid) support for Office 2016 ends October 2020
  • There are almost no visual differences between Office 2016 and 2019
  • Office 2019 will be 64-bit, allowing for access to more system resources during calculations.
  • Some have reported having issues in the past with files not being compatible between Office 2016 and older versions of the software. Microsoft has stated that this is not an issue with Office 2019.
  • Like students, faculty and staff have access to Office 365, which automatically updates. More information is available at our Software Download Center.
  • Office 2016 is the last version of Microsoft Office that is compatible with Windows 7


  • We strongly encourage faculty and staff who rely on Office Add-ins to get involved with the testing and let us know about your experience.
  • Installing Office 2019 will uninstall any other versions of Office installed. You cannot run multiple versions at the same time.
  • Existing Office Add-ins (Aspen, ChemDraw, JMP, Endnote, etc.) may need to be reinstalled or may stop working in Office 2019.


November thru New Year—Early testing

Starting in mid-November, IT will make Office 2019 available to faculty and staff through the Software Center in Windows 10 and to MacOS machines running 10.12/10.13/10.14 through JAMF Self Service.  Faculty and staff with laptops or off-domain machines can contact our Help Desk Consultants to arrange a time to install the software.

January 2019

All campus-connected systems with Office versions older than 2016 will be upgraded to at least Office 2016.  All new faculty and staff computers purchased will have Office 2019 installed by default.  Office 2016 will remain in the campus computer labs throughout fall and spring semesters.

May 2019

Following Spring Commencement, campus computer labs, as well as remaining faculty and staff on-campus computers, will be upgraded to Office 2019.

Questions, comments or concerts?  We can help. Contact us at or 7-1111.