Day: April 24, 2015

SURF Award for Claire Eischer

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Recipients Announced

This summer, the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program will fund 23 students from across the University with funds from the Vice President for Research and the Honors Institute. Some matching funds were provided by the Biotechnology Research Center and PI Adrienne Minerick. The total funding for the program this year is $92,000.

Since 2002, the SURF program has funded 270 students. In that time, SURF recipients have co-authored 60 peer reviewed publications.

Among the recipients is Exercise Science major Claire Eischer. Claire’s advisor is Tejin Yoon, and the project title is “Sex Differences in Neuromuscular Fatigue of the Knee Extensors During and After Eccentric Fatiguing Contractions.”

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Steve Elmer is a C-4 Winner

Steven Elmer
Steven Elmer

Creative Canvas Course Contest (C-4) Winners Announced

This spring semester, the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning hosted an explosive program intended to showcase the most effective and user-friendly Canvas Courses at Michigan Tech. The third-annual C-4 competition focused on Canvas courses that are intuitive and easy to navigate, feature good course design, provide convenient access to information and materials students need and offer resources and activities that help students succeed in class. Canvas courses were nominated almost entirely by students, but other faculty and chairs were eligible to nominate Spring 2015 term courses for C-4 too.

Assistant Professor Steve Elmer is one of the winners, recognized for his EH 5310 course, Advanced Exercise Physiology.

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