Day: January 25, 2016

2nd Annual Medical Careers Week Wraps Up

Michigan Tech held the second annual Medical Careers Week

By Brittany Denny |

Published 01/22 2016 06:14PM
Updated 01/22 2016 06:14PM

This week, Michigan Tech held their second Annual Medical Careers Week, it was open to the public and gave information about a variety of careers in the Medical Health field.
Steve Elmer, an assistant professor at Michigan Tech said, “I think at Michigan Tech we’re historically known for mining and engineering and we’re really emerging as regional and eventually soon, a national program in human health.”
Travis Wakeham, a graduate student studying physiology said, “I think it’s great.  At Michigan Tech, there’s a lot of engineering students, but there’s a lot of other students interested in health sometimes.  We don’t always have those opportunities so, it’s nice to get some exposure.”
A different topic of health was covered each day with Friday geared towards Allied Health.
Kelsey Saladin, an undergraduate student studying Kinesiology said, “Today, it’s really related to what I’m going into which is physical therapy. So, you get a lot of information on what different fields and occupations you can go into.”
“Primarily we’ve had undergraduate students currently enrolled at programs here at Michigan Tech. We also have some of our graduate students here and students from really the four surrounding counties, high school students that are considering Michigan Tech or considering even other programs as well,” said Elmer.
Organizers say they are already making plans and ideas for the event next year.