Day: December 7, 2023

CMU-DPT Students Volunteer for Sled Hockey Event at MTU

Left to right: Hunter Kero, Mark Andrysiak, Dawson Kero, Cassidy Albrecht, Samantha Bass, Erin Buckeridge, Tera Little

Central Michigan University doctorate of physical therapy students from the Houghton/Michigan Tech campus cohort volunteered for a community-wide sled hockey event in Houghton, MI earlier this month. Over 100 people came out to learn the sport of sled hockey, which is an inclusive way for people of any ability to get on the ice and play. The KIP department has been a sponsor of the event for the past two years.

Sled hockey in action

Sled hockey entails sitting on a sled with two blades and propelling via picks on the ends of two short hockey sticks. Other than being in the sled, the rules are essentially the same as stand-up hockey. Students were essential in making the event a success, doing everything from running the registration table to assisting participants who tipped over in their sleds or pushing those who couldn’t self-propel. People with and without physical disabilities were able to play hockey together without barriers. The DPT students were amazingly helpful and gained valuable experience with adaptive sports. It was an incredibly fun day!