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Construction Engineer

LHB has a local client who is seeking a Construction Engineer in the Duluth, MN area. This position is expected to last 1 year and will be based in our client office. The ideal candidate would have these key qualifications:

Mechanical Engineer with PE (preferred but probably not required) OR, Metallurgical Engineer, OR, Welding Engineer
Minimum of (5) years’ experience
Experience in monitoring welding, hydro-testing procedures, and pipe stress analysis.
This is an office job and they want an analytical type of engineer.

Miriam Sher, Recruiting Representative
21 West Superior Street, Suite 500
Duluth, Minnesota 55802
Cell# 603-305-9491

Pearce on Printing Your Lab

3D Printing
3D Printing

Chemistry and Industry Magazine published a story about the use of open-source 3-D printing to make inexpensive laboratory equipment developed by Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) and his research group.

From Tech Today.

Print your own lab

With the cost of 3D printers falling in price, such that a build-it-yourself 3D printer is now available for less than $1000, this kind of advanced manufacturing technology is now open to almost anybody, even scientists. So rather than paying for expensive scientific equipment, it becomes possible for scientists to fabricate their own versions at a fraction of the cost, as Joshua Pearce, an associate professor of materials science at Michigan Technological University, US, has shown.

Read more at Chemistry & Industry, by John Evans.

Joshua Pearce in Michigan Tech Research Magazine 2012

Joshua Pearce in Michigan Tech Research Magazine 2012
Joshua Pearce

Rising Sun

Joshua Pearce’s work on photovoltaic panels was featured in Michigan Tech Magazine 2012.

It’s time to stop thinking of solar energy as a boutique source of power, says Joshua Pearce.

Sure, solar only generates about 1 percent of the electricity in the US. But that will change in a few years, says Pearce, an associate professor of electrical engineering and materials science at Michigan Tech. The ultimate in renewable energy is about to go mainstream.

Read more at Michigan Tech Research Magazine, by Marcia Goodrich.

Dean’s List Fall 2012

4.0 Students (EMSE)
Glover, Alexandra G* JR EMSE
Michels, Taylor J* SR EMSE
Nitz, Calvin A* SO EMSE

3.50-3.99 Students (EMSE)
Anderson, Shane M SO EMSE
Berti de Sousa, Bruna SU EMSE
DePottey, Austin M SR EMSE
Dillon, Jesse R SR EMSE
Haselhuhn, Stephanie G SR EMSE
Hayes, Emily A JR EMSE
Holl, Gregory T JR EMSE
Ikeda, Kathleen M SR EMSE
Lahti, Carolyn J SR EMSE
McCollough, Rachel M SO EMSE
Michael, Kelsey R SR EMSE
Miko, Andrew R SR EMSE
Mulder, Meredith L SR EMSE
O’Connor, Austin D SO EMSE
Sahr, Alyssa M SR EMSE
Schaefer, Evan J SR EMSE
Steele, Alicia M SR EMSE
Swanson, Haley A SO EMSE
Tianen, Matthew N JR EMSE
Treinen, Nicole L SO EMSE
Villeneuve, Bradley J JR EMSE
Waterman, Thaddeus W SR EMSE
Wright, Melissa J SR EMSE

Jaipur Foot Challenge

Jaipur Foot
Jaipur Foot
A low-cost solution for those needing a lower limb replacement has been the Jaipur foot. The prosthetic designed in India has helped millions around the world walk again.

It was a formidable challenge. First, says former team member Marcel Kerkove, the students had to analyze “how the foot was currently made, obtain the necessary equipment and materials, and become skilled at shaping and assembling the foot by hand.”

Kerkove now is a PhD candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, working on aluminum alloy systems with the US Navy.

Read more at Michigan Tech News, by Kevin Hodur.