Charter Steel at Career Fair

Job opportunity at Charter Steel

I just wanted to let you know, a job opportunity for a MSE major here at Charter Steel in Saukville, WI. I’ve been working for them for about 4 months now, hired right out of college, into their rotational Materials Associate Program, which is a position they are looking to fill at tomorrow’s Career Fair. The goal is to spend a total of two year in two of the four divisions (Melting, Rolling, Processing, and Tech Services here) at our Saukville plant with many opportunities for leadership positions, professional classes, and interesting projects in the divisions. It’s been a great few months here, the company is very passionate for its employees and always looking ways to improve their process. It’s a great opportunity for a fresh graduate with any amount of experience in the industry, so if anyone is still looking for a job post-graduation up there, I would highly recommend stopping Charter Steel’s booth tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well up there, can’t wait to come up there and see the department someday!

Andrew Miko

Michigan Technological University
Advanced Metalworks Enterprise
Research Scholars