Day: February 25, 2014

Dean’s List Fall 2013

4.0 Students (EMSE)
Cicotte Joshua L* SO EMSE
Galligan Catherine A* SO EMSE
Hurchalla Georgia N* SO EMSE
Morgan Zachary J* SR EMSE
Paul Andrea C* SR EMSE
Thiel Alexander F* SR EMSE

3.50-3.99 Students (EMSE)
Brose Tyler J JR EMSE
Castle George W SO EMSE
Cavallaro Cleyton M JR EMSE
Cooley Robert J SR EMSE
DeVet Joshua D JR EMSE
Ellis Joshua M JR EMSE
Galant Melissa R JR EMSE
Hill Brandon R FR EMSE
Ikeda Kathleen M SR EMSE
Johnson Olin G JR EMSE
Kean Nicholas W FR EMSE
Messina Amanda M SO EMSE
Miltenberger Alexander M FR EMSE
Nitz Calvin A SR EMSE
Pietila Trent R JR EMSE
Pringle Adam M SR EMSE
Seidl Alex J SR EMSE
Thole Violet M FR EMSE
Tianen Matthew N SR EMSE
Treinen Nicole L JR EMSE
Tropper Peter D SR EMSE
Wright Melissa J SR EMSE
Yoon Min Soo SU EMSE

Sale of Quincy Hill Property May Lead to Scholarships

Quincy Mine HoistQuincy Mine Hoist Association Buys Back Property

“The Quincy Mine Hoist Association agrees that the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum should be on the Michigan Tech campus,” said Dave Jukuri, president of the QMHA. “Michigan Tech and the Association have cooperated on many projects and will continue to do so. If we eventually sell the Quincy Hill property, the proceeds will go to help provide scholarships for metallurgy, mining, geology and minerals studies at Michigan Tech.”

Read more at Michigan Tech News, by Jennifer Donovan.