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3D Printers in February News

open library 3dThe work of the lab team run by Paul Sanders (MSE) and Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE), which developed the open-source 3-D metal printer was covered in the Feb. issue of Desktop Engineering.

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In the News

Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) was interviewed by SciDevNet on how the developing world can benefit from 3D printing in “3-D printing could offer savings on replica lab kit”.

Two projects from Michigan Tech’s 3D printing program were used as examples in an article published in 3D Printing Industry: “How a Medical Clinic in the Bolivian Rainforest Might Use 3D Printing” and a third was used by Engineering for Change in an article on: “3D printers may be poised to take off in developing countries”.

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In the News

The interview on appropriate technology and development with Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) was picked up by All Africa and The Guardian–the British newspaper, whose online edition is the third most widely read in the world and has a combined print and online readership of about 9 million.

Michigan Tech’s open-source 3D metal printer was covered in an article “Free Form Metal 3D Printer is a 3Doodler on Steroids,” by 3D Printing Industry.

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3D printing could offer developing world savings on replica lab kit

This and similar advances mean the age of appropriate technology – affordable, sustainable solutions designed and built to meet local needs – may be here, argues Joshua Pearce, a materials science and engineering professor at Michigan Technological University in the US, in an article in last month’s Physics World magazine.

The idea of appropriate technology to deal with poverty was used as early as the 1970s by the World Health Organisation (WHO), when villagers were encouraged to make water pumps and farming tools. But 3D printing has given the concept a boost, Pearce says.

The WHO’s efforts worked well, he says, but took in only one village at a time. “There was incredibly wasteful duplication of effort to solve nearly identical problems all throughout the world.”

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Scholarship Opportunity for Junior and Senior Engineering Students and Prospective Engineering Graduate Students

The Michigan Tech SSEED program (funded by NSF S-STEM) will award 35 undergraduate scholarships of $1,000-$5,000 to junior and senior engineering students and five graduate fellowships of $8,000 to engineering students in 2014-15. Please share this information with qualified students.

The purpose of the undergraduate scholarships is to improve the retention of upper-division engineering students who have financial need and other risk factors that make it difficult to complete their undergraduate degree. The purpose of the graduate fellowships is to improve the recruitment of women and minorities to graduate school in engineering. The program also features mentoring and professional development opportunities. Additional information and applications can be found at Spring application deadlines are Mar. 17 for undergraduate scholarships and May 1 for graduate fellowships. For questions, contact Michele Miller (, 7-3025).

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Regional Tech Director/Metallurgist/Quality Position

EMJ Metals…looking to fill a spot in Cleveland as one of our guys that is retiring at the end of this year (he may extend into 2015 a bit). The spot is for a Regional Tech Director/Metallurgist/Quality position (we have 3 in the company). Needs to be good with customers… a masters is not necessary and we will consider right out of school (prefer 2-5 year experience, but that is not mandatory)


Joshua Pearce on Cutting Costs

NatureOn the Road

Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) presented “Slashing Costs with Free and Open Source Scientific Equipment,” for the 22nd International Seminar: New Architecture: The State, Civil Society and the Ethical Market, in Quito, Ecuador.

In Print

Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) published a short comment in Nature on “Laboratory equipment: Cut costs with open-source hardware.”

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Alexandra Glover Nominated for Goldwater Scholarship

Michigan Tech Nominates Two for Goldwater Scholarships

Michigan Tech has nominated two students, Alexandra Glover and Caleb Vogt, for Goldwater scholarships.

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program was established by Congress in 1986 in honor of former senator and 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. The scholarship is considered the premier undergraduate award for students pursuing degrees in science, math and engineering.

Glover is majoring in materials science and is conducting research under the direction of Associate Professor Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE). Her work focuses on sustainable development, scientific instrument design and testing, and 3D printing. In particular, she is interested in developing an aluminum alloy for 3D metal printers. Glover is a coauthor on three publications and has a fourth in review.

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Sutter at the Transportation Research Board Meeting

TRB 2014
TRB 2014

Many faculty, staff and students of the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) attended the 93th Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting in Washington, DC, recently.

From the Materials Science Department, Larry Sutter presented two papers “Use of Surface Sealers to Reduce Ingress of Deicing Chemicals on Portland Cement Concrete” and “Field Study of Air Content Stability in Slipform Paving Process,” the latter co-authored with Jerry Anzalone.

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