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Get Your Social Media Icons and Connect

Now that you named your account something with Michigan Tech or MTU in it so your community can find you, it’s time to go for a social media icon. 

Find social media-sized icons in UMC’s brand resources. If you want a custom icon with your unit’s name, email social@mtu.edu and we’ll submit a design request.

Your platform banner should be a sharp, impactful photo. It’s best to avoid pasted-together collages, poster-style imagery or photos that aren’t high-quality.

All of the University’s active social media accounts are listed in our directory. Take a look and take the time to follow University accounts. Those moments you spend exploring other University accounts (those of us who tend to fall down the rabbit hole set a timer) will pay off in the long run. Because you’ll find excellent shareable content and see posts that inspire creation. See something you like? Do that.

We’ll take a look at the anatomy of a strong social media post next time. In the meantime, keep the social media questions coming to the University Marketing and Communications team at social@mtu.edu. We’ll get to as many as we can as fast as we can.

For more tips, check out our social media field guide.