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Roger Woods Named Teacher of the Year

Roger Woods accepted the 2013 Teacher of the Year Award from Dean Klippel.

Each year the student body within the School of Business and Economics elects one faculty member as Teacher of the Year. Roger Woods has been selected as the 2013 recipient of the coveted award.  When asked what this award means, the Lecturer in Operations Management said, “I am honored to be selected given the great faculty that we have in the School of Business and Economics. It has helped that I have had some great mentors and support of other faculty to improve my teaching.”

During his time at Michigan Tech, Woods has proven to be a great asset to the School of Business and Economics.  He first won the Teacher of the Year Award in 2011 and that same year was inducted into the Academy of Teaching Excellence as a finalist for the campus-wide teaching award.  He was nominated again the following year,  was selected as a finalist, and became the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Roger Woods has been instrumental in the execution of the Business Development Experience over the past 3 years.  His duties included: developing the program structure, finding team projects, and teaching the second semester of the senior capstone experience.  Woods notes that “it has been rewarding to see how the students have matured and are able to apply the various School of Business and Economics classes to their projects.”

The task Woods is assigned to is not an easy one.  The student teams are all working on different projects which may pull them in different directions.  The Business Development Experience is intended to be a practical application of the skills they learn throughout their time at Michigan Tech.  We hope that the students can draw on these experiences during an interview for a job, but also that they look back on it as a rewarding hands-on experience.

Now that the Spring 2013 graduates have completed their time at Michigan Tech, Woods is looking forward to seeing a new class of students coming to campus this fall and hearing the success stories of all the recent graduates.

Research Presentation: Roger Woods

Lecturer Roger Woods will present on academic integrity in Excel assignments.

Please join the School of Business and Economics and Roger Woods for a brown bag lunch presentation on February 25th at 1pm in Academic Office Building 101. His presentation is titled: “Minimizing academic integrity violations in Excel assignments.”

Upcoming Presentations

  • Junhong Min – March 6, 1 – 2 pm, The new product development using the decomposition analysis: stimulus presentation mode bias
  • Andre Laplume – March 20, 12 – 1 pm, Outstreaming for ambidexterity: How serving internal and external customers can facilitate exploration

Woods Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

MTU School of Business and Economics Roger Woods
Roger Woods Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

“Office hours” are an elastic concept for Michigan Tech’s 2012 Distinguished Teaching Award winners.

Roger Woods, a lecturer in the School of Business and Economics, received the award in the assistant professor/professor of practice/lecturer category. He also synchronizes his schedule to his students.’

“I’m on IM from 8 to 10 p.m.,” he said. “That’s when they are doing homework. When they get stuck, I help them get unstuck.”

Woods came to Michigan Tech in spring 2003. The former IBM manager and engineer teaches Quantitative Problem Solving and is an instructor in the Business Development Experience, the School’s equivalent of Senior Design. He also has taught a variety of other courses, including project management, operations management and entrepreneurship.

Students polled in his Quantitative Problem Solving class wrote, “He never lets a student fall behind if the student is putting their 100 percent effort into the course”; “He makes a difficult class enjoyable and gives us plenty of opportunities to get help”; and “He is the BEST teacher that I have ever had, period. Of all the schools I have ever been to, he is the most helpful teacher and the most excited about his job. He creates energy so that this class will never be boring and keeps us busy.”

How does he inspire such enthusiasm? “I think it’s access,” Woods said. “I don’t expect them to learn everything from a book or from a lecture. It’s going to take some exploring; when they explore, they sometimes need help, and that doesn’t happen on my schedule.” He also makes a special effort to tailor the material for his students. “It’s important to think of your audience.”

One of the best things about teaching, he said, is watching a student experience the “aha!” moment that may serve them later in their careers. “I want them to walk away with confidence that they can learn, not just regurgitate information,” he said. “Someday they will be in the workplace, without a professor, and I want them to apply these lessons so that ultimately they will do their job better.”

“I challenge them, I make them think,” Woods added. “If they are willing to respond by thinking, then they get it, and that’s rewarding to them. And I enjoy interacting with those students who have that desire to learn.”

Just reading a textbook won’t cut it. “Word gets out: don’t miss class,” he said.

Occasionally, students let him know his efforts have paid off after they leave the University for the corporate world. “I get emails back saying, ‘I did what you told me, and I was a star.'”

“It’s no surprise” that Woods has been honored for his teaching, said Tom Merz, associate dean of the School. “Roger has a great rapport with younger people,” he said. “It’s a cliche, but it’s still true: he deeply cares about younger people, and he gets a lot of gratification watching them work hard and succeed. Plus, he has a sense of his audience, who he is communicating with, so he can reach them.”

His students agree. Wrote one, “When I tell people that I’m in BUS2300, people say ‘Is Woods still teaching that? I loved that guy.'”

Originally published in Tech Today by Marcia Goodrich, magazine editor.

Faculty Member is Kiwanian of the Year

The School of Business and Economics is proud to announce that Lecturer in Operations Management, Roger Woods, has been selected as the Kiwanian of the Year 2010-2011. Roger is also the president elect of the Kiwanis club of the copper country. Kiwanis is an international organization dedicated to making positive change in the world one child and one community at a time.