Registration will reopen TONIGHT: Additional course sections have been added

Spring registration had closed for a few days but will reopen on Tuesday, November 14 at 10pm.

Schedule additions:

  1. Additional section of CEE3810 (Soil Mechanics) lab, Thursdays, 8-11 am.
  2. Humanities has added another section of HU 2830, Public Speaking and Multimedia and HU 2810 Research and Writing in Communication.  Both of these courses count for the Communication/Composition requirement.
  3. Humanities also added another section of HU 2503 Introduction to Literature, which is on the Critical And Creative Thinking list.
  4. Humanities has added an online section of HU 3120, Technical and Professional Communication.  There are 9 spaces available in that course.
  5. First year students who have scores of 3 or higher on the AP Spanish exam but weren’t able to take Spanish in the fall can take HU 3293 and get the same 9 placement credits after finishing with a B or higher. We are not able to offer HU 3294, 3295, or 3296 this spring (these are the classes designated for students with AP credit).  HU 3293 counts as an alternative to UN 1025 Global Issues.