Job Postings: Hardman Consrtuction (On campus visit)

Hardman Construction, based in Ludington, MI, is planning a visit next week (21st for an info session and interviews the 22nd) to get some applicants for their summer intern program. Do any of you have a sense of how many 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (& 5th) year students might still be looking for a construction internship? I can put together a spiel to send to your list serves if you wouldn’t mind helping me drum up some interest.
The company is really down to earth, with 4 Tech grads as owners/managers. They’ve been on campus before, and are more interested in a candidate’s work ethic and ability to learn than they are about GPAs — they actually told me last time that they’d prefer not to hire anyone smarter than themselves!
I’ve attached their flyer on the opportunities this summer. They’re ready to offer at least 2 MTU students jobs for the summer while they’re here.