The Great Lakes Conservation Corps is Hiring for Summer 2020

The Great Lakes Conservation Corps (GLCC) is hiring at least 24 seasonal employees for the 2020 summer field season. GLCC is a program that is administered by the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP), which is located in Marquette, MI. GLCC crews will be working on projects that are primarily located in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, with some projects extending regionally. Crews are a team of four young adults who gain experience in a wide range of conservation and natural resource management projects. Crew Leaders and Crew Members partner with various project managers (state, tribal, federal and local partners) who specialize in botany, soils, recreation, forestry and wildlife. GLCC project examples include:

• coastal resiliency                          • trail construction         

• historic preservation                   • natural disaster response and relief    

• environmental monitoring       • green infrastructure and construction               

• data collection processes          • native habitat restoration

• native planting                              • riparian restoration and mitigation

Additionally, GLCC is hiring 2 crews to complete a Lake Huron dam inventory using a drone and ArcGIS.

If you’d like to learn more about the GLCC program including specific job descriptions, you can check us out here: